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Hungarian Reference Websites That Teach Well

On this web page you will find links to Hungarian website, blogs and forums that range from Dictionary to Conversation to Hungarian Grammar. Although not all of them will be needed or suited to your kind of learning, they will give you some idea about the complexities and ease of Hungarian grammar, basic words and sentences.

NOTE WELL: Although many of the linked websites below have an old, out-dated, look to them whereby some of their material now contains dead links (dead resources), because they have not been maintained/updated over the years, their Hungarian lesson content still remains valuable; as the Hungarian language has not changed for centuries of course.

Hungarian Podcasts

Hungarian PodcastsLet's Learn Hungarian is a set of 18 podcasts (Hungarian audio tutorials), backed up with Dialog PDF files, that take a more relaxed approach to learning Hungarian and talk about certain situations. What I like here is the couple are very comfortable with each other, repeat words and speak them slowly and by syllable.

Hungarian Reference

Hungarian Grammar WebsiteHungarian Reference is one of the main websites covering Hungarian Grammar. With tons of information for you to digest, broken down into bite-sized sections, you are sure to learn something new every day. My only criticism of this website is that some of the examples could of been made clearer and longer.

HungLang Grammar Blog

Hungarian Language BlogHungLang is a nicely put together blog that concentrates on 'Hungarian Grammar for Beginners', which is true to a degree but with its vast amount of material many may find it overwhelming and too intense.

Hungarian Lessons

Hungarian LessonsHungarian Lessons by Polymath is a collection of useful Hungarian words, short phrases and basic grammar examples that would suit someone looking for extra adjectives, verbs and phrases to add to their vocabulary.

Conversation Exchange

Conversation ExchangeConversation Exchange is a language exchange website that actually allows you to promote yourself and contact others.

50 Languages

If you really want to test yourself, with 100 tests, you should try the tests on 50 Languages Website50 Languages. Test sentences, where you fill in each missing word, range from easy to difficult; in a mixed order. This has a cool feature in that you can select two languages (i.e. you could learn from English to Hungarian or Spanish to Hungarian for example).

Dino Lingo

If you have children and/or are teaching your children, Dino Lingo Langauges WebsiteDino Lingo has online video subscriptions, dvd sets and learning books to aid your teaching and the childrens learning.

Other Websites WORTH A LOOK

Hungarian Language WebsiteApp2Brain

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