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On this web page you will find links to Hungarian music videos with subtitled lyrics, that should help make your learning of Hungarian easier. If you have never heard Hungarian music and songs before, or have but think all Hungarian songs must be 'old folk songs', you will be pleasantly surprised by the music and songs below.

I heard my first piece of Hungarian music when I met Tünde, my Hungarian girlfriend. She introduced me to her favourite Hungarian artist: Kovács Ákos Wiki PageÁkos (Kovács Ákos). What struck me with his song ÁkosIlyenek Voltunk (the first Hungarian song I had ever heard) was the way all the different instruments blended so well together. A unique kind of sound to my ear. I then found the English version: ÁkosWe Were Like This.

At this point I was just listening to Ákos. It wasn't until months later, when I decided to search the internet for Hungarian slow songs with subtitled lyrics (so that I could learn more of the Hungarian language), that I found the fantastic Máté Péter Wiki PageMáté Péter - Probably the best Hungarian artist of all time. Sadly he died at the age of 37 only, but like all great artists his music will live on forever.

Hungarian Artist - MÁTÉ PÉTER

Egyszer Véget Ér (It Will End Once) is a very popular song throughout Hungary. Here is a better quality version, unfortunately with no subtitled lyrics.

Most Élsz (You Live Now) is an emotional, slow, song with a catchy chorus; which makes it ideal for learning Hungarian words.

Ez Majdnem Szerelem Volt (It Was Almost Love) is a great song for going cycling with. Although sad, it has plenty of oomph. The intro is just WOW. Truly amazing.

Kell, Hogy Várj (You Have To Wait), another beautifully written song, that is catchy enough to sing along too. This is the original version with no lyrics unfortunately - Here is a totally different version with lyrics. The lyrics in this song contain very pronounceable words.

Hungarian Artist - EDDA

A Kör (The Circle) is a pop/rock song ideal for those who have HEARD quite a bit of Hungarian already and want to improve their listening skills. I say this because many of the words are pronounced 'seemingly' fast and not articulated (not spoken in clear syllable-by-syllable fashion); so listen very carefully.

Hungarian Artist - BEATRICE

Azok A Boldog Szépnapok (Those Happy Days) is a catchy 'sing-a-long' pop/rock song for those now comfortable with Hungarian words. Beatrice also made 8 Óra Munka (8 Hours Work), which has a very very catchy chorus; the sort you would sing in an English pub. I reckon they are sticking two fingers up to the government in this song!

Hungarian Artist - BALLAGÁSI DALOK

20 (Húsz) Év Múlva (20 Years Later) is a classic song about leaving school???????. Although you might find it a bit boring, the words are very very pronounceable.

Hungarian Artist - ISMERŐS ARCOK

Nélküled (Without You) is another very sad Hungarian song that has very clear, easy to pronounce, words. Great for listening practise and pronunciation practise.

Hungarian Artist - OLÁH IBOLYA

Magyarország (Hungary) is often mistaken by the "Foreigner" as the official Hungarian national anthem, but it isn't unfortunately. After the intro this song really lifts you up. In places the lyrics are pronounced slow enough for you to learn new words and pronounce familiar words while in other places, as the song builds up momentum, it gives you the opportunity to hear words at a slightly faster speed.

Hungarian Artist - DEMJÉN FERENC

Honfoglalás (Conquest) is a very very slow pronounced song. Really ideal for the beginner to learn some pronunciation.

If you want to practise your Hungarian pronunciation, listening and reading skills in general, I would also consider learning from famous musicals and films sung in Hungarian (such as Titanic, Aladdin and Lion King and really slow songs like Szállj Fel Magasra (Get Up High). When you are confident try a song like A Legnagyobb Hős (The Greatest Hero).

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